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Comprehensive platform for investment of our valuable customers


Company Profile

The company started its operations way back in 1990 with a membership of VSE( Vadodara Stock Exchange and JSEL ( Jaipur Stock Exchange) as at that time regional stock exchanges did sizeable business. The company operated under the regional stock exchanges for almost 15 years and established a name for itself in the Industry as one of the most reliable brokers. It was in the year 2007 when the Company decided to go out on its own and successfully got the membership of NSE. Since then the company has been growing exponentially in all aspects. Today AC Agarwal Share Brokers is a name to reckon with in the industry. It is managing over 10,000 clients every day.

With membership of all the major stock exchanges and depositories in India such as NSE, BSE, MCX and CDSL in addition to a team of highly educated and experienced investment advisors, we at A C Agarwal Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd. ensure top notch services and a comprehensive platform for investment of our valuable customers. Offering investment services since 2006 we constantly strive to deliver new ideas for better client satisfaction.

Every individual is different; so are the dreams and at A C Agarwal, we respect individuality. We tell you where to invest according to your expected returns and risk taking capacity.

With a team of experienced authorized people across Western India, we are partners to around 10000 active client's financial success. The company's aim is to be the best broking house by fulfilling our client's financial dream. The company envisions to expand its network across the Nation and together more investors in the wealth creation experience.

Why Choose Us

AC Agarwal Share Brokers has been a part of over 10,000 Client's financial success for over a decade. AC Agarwal Share Brokers has offices over 100 locations through its branch and Business partners' network. It has become a financial powerhouse with a host of products for all types of individuals who wish to grow their wealth. With a team of Highly educated Professionals we ensure to NURTURE the wealth of our clients.

Ethics and Expertise is what lies at the core of this company. Also we believe that if we take care of our respected clients they will take care of us and hence we are committed to do that

  • Absolute transparency
  • Constantly upgrading technology
  • A host of products and services under one roof
  • Asset Allocation ideas from the best in the field
  • Experience a very Customer friendly environment


We at AC Agarwal Share Brokers strongly believe in the philosophy of optimizing. We ensure the resources are so efficiently deployed that the returns are optimized to maximum. With this philosophy we want the benefits of financial services to reach the mass and develop an ecosystem which propels growth of money.


Finance can be tough and we understand that. We wish to make financial industry less complicated and guide clients to the right path of wealth creation. First we understand and then we advise, We provide tailor made ideas and strategies according to the risk-taking appetite and desired returns. Contact the customer support team anytime through mail, website, call for any query or assistance. We will be glad to help you