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  • Declaration for availing of BSDA76.1 KBDownload

  • HUF Declaration Form201.07 KBDownload

  • Multiple Certi DRF Form248.69 KBDownload

  • Sample KYC MCX6.18 MBDownload

  • SMS Alerts For Demat Account304.89 KBDownload

  • Trading Account Modification Form260.40 KBDownload

  • Transposition Form294.48 KBDownload

  • NSE BSE Trading Form6.04 MBDownload

  • Internet & Wireless Technolgy Based Trading Facility Provided By Stock Brokers To Clients910.91 KBDownload

  • Annexure 6 - Do's and Dont's for Trading on the Exchange(s) for Investors1.30 MBDownload

  • Annexure 4 - Rights and Obligations of Stock brokers, Sub-brokers and clients408.06 KBDownload

  • Annexure 5 - Risk Disclosure document for Capital market and Derivatives Segment358.28 KBDownload

  • Annexure 7 - Policies and Procedures301.76 KBDownload

  • Rights and Obligations of Beneficial Owner and Depository Participant as Prescribed by SEBI and Depositories246.37 KBDownload

  • Demat Account Closure Request Form551.43 KBDownload

  • FATCA114.77 KBDownload

  • Lost Slip Form417.88 KBDownload

  • Modification Form New DP Trading627.03 KBDownload

  • POA For Pay New103.93 KBDownload

  • Signature Modification Form80.32 KBDownload

  • Nomination Form - Equity Trading750 KBDownload

  • CKYC Application Form840.00 KBDownload

  • Correction in the name of Individual Demat Account Holder290.00 KBDownload

  • CKYC Application Form840.00 KBDownload

  • Account Details Addition / Modification /Deletion Request Form84.90 KBDownload

  • F&O Segment Activation Form20.20 KBDownload

  • FEMA Declaration Form275.00 KBDownload

  • Trading Closure Request4.73 KBDownload

  • Trading Reactivation Form55.50 KBDownload

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  • Anti Money Laundering411.39 KBDownload

  • Audit Trail Policy12.78 KBDownload

  • Code Modification Policy85.00 KBDownload

  • Risk Categorisation Policy8.99 KBDownload

  • Risk Disclosure Doc Of DP233.51 KBDownload

  • Risk Management And Internal Control9.83 KBDownload

  • Policy And Procedure1.58 MBDownload

  • Policy On Unauthenticated9.84 KBDownload

  • Policy on Prefunded Instrument and Electronic Fund Transfer8.96 KBDownload

  • Policy Regarding Inactive (Dormant) Accounts30.53 KBDownload

  • Internal Control Policy & Procedures1.51 MBDownload

  • PMLA Policy as on 31072018121.00 KBDownload

  • Policy for Identification of Beneficial Ownership 27.63 KBDownload

  • Policy on Pre-Funded Instruments/Electronic Fund Transfer KBDownload

  • RMS Policy21.14 KBDownload

  • Policy For Unauthenticated News226.00 KBDownload

  • Check List For Trading Account Opening120.00 KBDownload

  • Check List For Demat Account Opening130.00 KBDownload