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If you can’t decide when to buy or sell a stock

or are hassled by the idea of opening yourself up to undue risk all the time, then welcome to the club. We understand how investors worry about their hard-earned money. After all, who can tell where the market will go?

Hence, we have tied up with Alphaniti – India’s first online platform that creates portfolio strategies using an algorithm, personalized to your risk profile.

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    India Equity(Thermatic Baskets)

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    India Equity(Strategies)

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    US Equity(Under LRS Scheme)

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    Mutual Fund(Advisory)

you can look forward to –

  1. Equity baskets from a wide range of investment philosophies
  2. Automatic portfolio management and rebalancing Timely software
  3. Low minimum thresholds
  4. Single-click executions
  5. High performing stocks selected through data-driven and rule-based methods

Eliminating the guesswork from your strategies,
Alphaniti with AC Agarwal Stock Brokers takes care of the
‘What, When and How Much.’

So, you’re always riding high, no matter where the market cycle is.

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